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Woolen Cardigan + New Concept

05 Feb 2010 / in Vintage Diary

A quick follow-up to the previous post: this is the cardigan that was mentioned in the last post, which completes the Hanna Sarén white summer pants outfit. This is the woolen knit jersey cardigan, originally released as part of our winter season #15, 2007/08. And, while I was thinking about what to do with this [...]

White Summer Pants

03 Feb 2010 / in Vintage Diary

“I was wearing both the white trousers and the knit one fine summer day in 2008. I headed to a bar to meet a few friends, and when I finally arrived, they all stared at me in utter silence. I thought what the h*ll, what was wrong? Then they said, as if from one mouth: [...]

Crazy Jacket

21 Nov 2009 / in Vintage Diary

I found this crazy jacket from the Hanna Sarén Fashion Show pieces sale. I just loved the puffy, shreded, unfinished sleeves, just crazy. Back then I had a style with an attitude like “rock the loud stuff.” I was wearing fishnets, cropped t-shirts, leather jackets with my undercut hair and flamboyant red lipstick. Now, my [...]

Blue Overcoat

14 Oct 2009 / in Vintage Diary

“I got this winter coat from my girlfriend as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, I was larger than the coat, which I tried to hide from her. After Christmas, I called to your shop to change it to a bigger size, but there weren’t any, and I did not want to return it. It would have [...]

Leather Jacket

24 Jun 2009 / in Vintage Diary

“Hello, I hope you are fine. I am fan of Hanna Sarén. I bought her clothes from Tokyo, HP France shop. I got a mail from her, thank you for sending me. I give you this leather jacket, please take it. I did love it very much some years ago. Thank you. Best regards, Yuko” [...]

White Tie

13 May 2009 / in Vintage Diary

“I bought this for present, because its so damn cool. She shared my opinion but it just did not fit. We wondered how something this beautiful can look so bad on her. I wish a great second life for this jacket.” Designer’s Note: “Wau, this white tie was made for the 2007 winter collection. Fabric [...]

Beige Leather Jacket

10 May 2009 / in Vintage Diary

“Jesus, I never learn, or am I? I fell in love with this leather jacket, made of the softest leather ever, right after Hanna’s fashion show in Nuuksio forest some years ago. I couldn’t make it to the show back then, since I was travelling myself. But, as soon as I saw the pictures, I [...]

Blue Top and Blue Leather Skirt

09 May 2009 / in Vintage Diary

“I fell in love with these pieces, from Hanna Sarén’s previous collection, because of their vivid shade of blue. I was wearing the set for one summer party, where I met someone with whom I later had a long romance. The romance is over, but the blue is still stricking, and I’m now ready to [...]