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Inward Outsourcing / Case: Prato

08 Dec 2010 / in Jussi Tiilikka, The Studio

Don’t you love to have genuine, tasty ingredients from a near-by Chinese grocery? Or, original Chinese home food? If you live in Prato, Italy, you have an unusually large selection of Chinese options from which to choose, especially given that you are in, well, Prato, Italy.[i] In fact, this Italian city is home to the [...]

The Interview: Hisashi Tokyuyoshi and Fumie Shimoji

08 Nov 2010 / in Features, Hanna Sarén, The Interviews

Welcome to our interview session #3. Today I am interviewing Hisashi Tokyuyoshi and Fumie Shimoji behind édition Paumes, Japan. They visit Helsinki to make a book called “Finland Family Style”. And they visit our home too.

Loretta Lux in Milan

17 Oct 2010 / in Jussi Tiilikka, The Studio

At the Milan Art Gallery, Sozzani, we had a look at some 30 photographs by Loretta Lux. The back drops were like stylized paintings and the children looked very stylish and mature, children that never smile. Loretta Lux, born in 1969 in Dresden, works digitally on the children’s photographs to reach an impression that the [...]

Product in Process: The Wooden Shoe

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of our wooden shoe, The Magnolia. Paavo has made our wooden shoes since 1999 and is still going strong. Paavo is using birch wood in our outsole. It is strong wood, and looks great when split in two. Actually, the wood looks different depending on which side of Finland [...]

The Interview: Daniela Talvitie

03 Oct 2010 / in Features, Main, The Interviews

Hanna interviews Daniela Talvitie, fashion photographer. Through the interpretation of Daniela Talvitie, a Brazilian fashion photographer, Fashion Photo Helsinki presents the audience with the hottest Finnish Fashion. By mixing fashion with familiar urban spaces, the exhibition creates new world views in presenting top Finnish designers. The Fashion Photo Helsinki exhibition premiered within the distinguished walls [...]


03 Oct 2010 / in Features, Jaakko Niemelä, Main

Greetings from London! Paramount is a bar and restaurant on the top floors of the Centre Point building in London. It originally opened for members only, but recently, tough times in the restaurant business have forced it to allow non-members as well. Paramount was designed by Tom Dixon and his style is well-suited to the [...]

Design 360° Interview

22 Sep 2010 / in Press

Design 360° describes itself as “an all-round design magazine dedicated to introducing international advanced design concepts, original works, outstanding designers and prestigious design institutes,” an introduction that helps to build “a bridge between the design circle in China and that of the rest of the world.” For their September 2010 issue, Design 360° focused on [...]

Harri Says Hello

06 Sep 2010 / in 10 Second Greeting, Harri Kangas

Harri Kangas, one of our Features contributors, introduces himself. More from and about Harri can be found at his new weblog, Naked Lunch and Other Stories, where he regularly writes about “men’s fashion, art, design, music and culture in general.”

Leather Overcoat

05 Sep 2010 / in Vintage Diary

I bought this great lamb nappa coat from Hanna Sarén several years back. Being very light and non wrinkable it’s been a perfect traveling companion, and it shurely has seen a lot. Especially I remember one autumn in Florence. It was raining cats and dogs and the coat and everything else on me got soaking [...]

Make Your Own Wooden Shoes

14 Aug 2010 / in Hanna Sarén, The Studio

The Magnolia wooden shoes, which Carrie Bradshaw, a.k.a. Sara Jessica Parker, wore in a Sex and the City episode, were in our collection in year 2000 through 2003. If you want to learn how to make a pair by yourself, I have documented the whole process from pattern making to ready made shoes. Below, I [...]