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Inspired by Alvar Aalto

21 Jun 2011 / in Hanna Sarén, Main, The Studio

Stockmann Department Store in Helsinki had an exhibition called “Franck & Aalto, Arjen muotoilijat” / “Kaj Franck and Alvar Aalto, Every Day Life’s Designers”. I was happy to find out that one of my art works was included in that exhibition. In 2006, Iittala, in collaboration with Alvar Aalto Foundation, had a Jubilee celebrating the [...]

Elle May 2011

06 Jun 2011 / in Hanna Sarén, Main, Press

Hanna’s latest creations have been featured in the May 2011 issue of Elle. Fashion stylist Suvi Elina Enqvist. Beige leather vest with gold laminate leather pieces, price 499€.

Shintori for New Year

27 Feb 2011 / in Hanna Sarén, The Studio

Restaurant Shintori, for Cuisine Japonaise — electronic music, concrete walls, wooden furnitures, perfect lightning, two floors and open kitchen. This was our choice for the perfect dinner: GOLDEN YEAR OF THE TIGER Kaiseki Course Three Delights Arrowhead root & miso flavored yolk Sesame seed flavored spinach milk jelly Vinegar flavored octopus Clear soup Seafood & [...]

Louis Vuitton in Shanghai

27 Feb 2011 / in Hanna Sarén, The Studio

Regards from Shanghai, China We were visiting Shanghai area to manufacture our first “Atelier” print items for this spring. About that later. But look at this: the biggest suitcase in world, I think. — Hanna

Vigevano, Italy and Shoes

08 Dec 2010 / in Hanna Sarén, The Studio

I visited Vigevano town on shoe business, that is for the making of the men’s leather dress shoes for next summer. I found out that Vigevano, 40 km from Milano, was home to the first ever industrial shoe factory (1866), the first Italian footwear machinery manufacturer (1901), and produced the earliest rubber-soled tennis shoes in [...]

The Interview: Hisashi Tokyuyoshi and Fumie Shimoji

08 Nov 2010 / in Features, Hanna Sarén, The Interviews

Welcome to our interview session #3. Today I am interviewing Hisashi Tokyuyoshi and Fumie Shimoji behind édition Paumes, Japan. They visit Helsinki to make a book called “Finland Family Style”. And they visit our home too.

Make Your Own Wooden Shoes

14 Aug 2010 / in Hanna Sarén, The Studio

The Magnolia wooden shoes, which Carrie Bradshaw, a.k.a. Sara Jessica Parker, wore in a Sex and the City episode, were in our collection in year 2000 through 2003. If you want to learn how to make a pair by yourself, I have documented the whole process from pattern making to ready made shoes. Below, I [...]

White Moment Sneakers

14 Jul 2010 / in Hanna Sarén, The Studio

White Moment street wear brand asked me to make a signature style design for their new sneaker line launched this summer. I was excited to do this collaboration, primarily because I am a heavy sneaker user myself. Also, it was nice to get back to where I started my career, with cool trendy sneakers. Leather [...]